Road Haulage

We also perform door to door freight delivery.

This means that based on your initial data we can pick up the freight from your forwarder, go through the export formalities, check the shipping documentation, deliver the freight by motor transport to a customs body perform customs clearance of the freight, and deliver it to your warehouse or another unloading point. The whole procedure is performed by one and the same transport operator. You will receive timely information on the movements of the commodities throughout the whole period necessary for their delivery to the unloading point


Amman /Wasfi At-tall St. / building 96 / floor 3 / office 5


Baghdad / Karrada /Hay Al-Wahda / 62 St. / near the restaurant Saj Alreef / Fadak building / floor 1


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We are pleased to cooperate with you about shipping merchandise from all over the world

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