About Us

We are Green Road Company General Trade, International Transport And Customs Clearance. We complete the Journey of more than 15 years in the trade of materials, products, foodstuffs, chemicals, detergents, meat and fish.
We also work on the transport and shipment of goods from all over the countries of the world and clearance from all border crossings.
The company is responsible until the arrival of the shipments received to you to the warehouses and the company will responsible any delays when delaying the goods received to you.
We also work to secure licenses for the licensing of unlicensed goods and refrigerated goods from all over the world.
It is worth mentioning that our company is working on the introduction of goods that do not have Veritas certificate for free

Our Message

The company is committed to providing customer services and a comfortable and fast working style that benefits the partners

Our Values

  • Community safety first
  • Give the best and be the best in our field
  • Act responsibly in right time


Amman /Wasfi At-tall St. / building 96 / floor 3 / office 5


Baghdad / Karrada /Hay Al-Wahda / 62 St. / near the restaurant Saj Alreef / Fadak building / floor 1



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Why Us

We are pleased to cooperate with you about shipping merchandise from all over the world

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