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We have established our hands and we have afraid from the future and the present and the living and life and left ourselves to Allah, the owner of the reigning Allah The Merciful The Wise, we realized with all conviction and confirmation that the livelihood from God and success and health and the disappearance of sadness and joy in the hands of the Creator of the heavens and the earth and not the hand of creation.

We hope that the present will be better than the future and advance forward for a bright future for educated generations and believe in God with every step. Thank God all the time in good and bad time, and hope continues to reach the top of success despite the difficulties and obstacles facing the ladder of success.

We begin our thanks and gratitude and warm congratulations to His Majesty the King, every year, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and its people thank you for hosting us in our second country and to provide all facilities and facilitate all procedures to help in building a bright future. We are grateful for our warm congratulations and appreciation to His Majesty the King and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Our thanks and gratitude to all the official and non-official departments in the Kingdom for all the facilities provided to us to support us to pass the ladder of success, our thanks and gratitude to our brothers who stood with us by their hearts and the support for us to achieve progress and prosperity.

Our thanks and gratitude to our country Iraq, which was in our blood and in our eyes, every step to be named and the name of Iraq remains a flag raised despite the occupation.
Our thanks and gratitude to the Iraqi Embassy for providing all facilities to support investment and progress.

And under the shadow of ….. life and after the steadfastness and challenge and hard work lasted 12 years continuously at all times, and by thanking God we raised the banner of victory and success and appeared Green Road Company for international trade and public transport and transport, land and sea and international clearance

In the heart of many difficulties and the fruits of the success of continuous and perseverance and showed the fruits of success and harvested fruits to love our customers and we earned dear brothers. We would like to share with you our joy and offer you support and surprise to all our valued customers. It is the company’s website for trading from all over the world and the Arab countries. The best service is to follow up your shipments from the factory land to your warehouse doors or from any port or border port to the doors of your warehouses. In Iraq, we considered the difficulty of dealing with clearing agents and carriers and reducing the pressure of communication, work has been done of a global system Which is to leave a number given to the customer to follow up the shipment and each shipment has a special shipment number and we have done this work In order to match companies such DHL and Aramex … etc., With the service provided, There will be a 24-hour update.

Acknowledgments for the company’s employees for your efforts on 7/24
we hope to receive your satisfaction and place of trust, and with your prosperity and your support we move forward with great thanks and gratitude.

Green Road Company for International General Trading, Shipping, Land and Sea Transport and Customs Clearance


Amman /Wasfi At-tall St. / building 96 / floor 3 / office 5


Baghdad / Karrada /Hay Al-Wahda / 62 St. / near the restaurant Saj Alreef / Fadak building / floor 1



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